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Circe Review

Circe - Madeline Miller

** spoiler alert ** First of all, this was a well-written book and a joy to read.
That said, I wanted to point out that I looked for something original but this was merely a connect the dots of all mention of Circe in various Greek Mythology tales, with a few changes. The author picked and chose different tales of Circe and other tales from the ancient authors and put them all in one novel, constructed around a great base story. Kudos to her on that. 
Not mentioned were her other supposed sons or daughter. Here I felt she is painted as not that attractive but in many tales she was considered the opposite. I always thought she might give Helen of Troy some competition.
Unanswered to me was - Who really was Circe? Was she really an offspring of a Greek God, Helios, merely a witch invented for the Odyssey? Or something more? While I'm aware there is no way to really answer that question factually, I was hoping for some new slant on who she might have been, besides being depicted as a sorceress on some deserted island. Because so much was written of her in ancient times by various writers through many tales, I've always felt that maybe she wasn't some mythical goddess but a real person painted into these tales. Just my two pence. By my observations, I in no way mean to cast dispersion on the book, it was an enjoyable read.