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The Inner Life of Cats

The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions - Thomas McNamee
While I agree with some that there is much too much of the author's own tale of him and his personal cat, there was much good information here. He has exposed some of the not too well known cat lore. And, while some say there is not enough 'science' I think that on the whole, science ignores the plight of animals. Especially in the United States where everything seems to be about MONEY. Since animals have none, they must take a back seat to all who do. Anyone who has a cat that needs to take pills knows that cats balk at this, to which my vet said, "It's all about money. They could make the meds taste better but they don't see an economic value to that." Don't really want to go there however. 

If you're looking for information about cats, this is a good source. The only thing I'd disagree with, that the author defended, was letting his cat run free. Cats that are living in houses need to stay in the house. I've watched a free roaming cat attack birds and there is no need for that. All it does is give cats a bad name.