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Something about Dinosaurs

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World - Stephen Brusatte

A very generous two stars for this travesty of science. This 'new' history is the author's own plea pf 'I am the greatest' and I know a lot of very important peopl. WHO CARES! When he developed it into a preachy birds are dinosaurs rant, followed by an explnation of Darwin's Theory, I'd had enough. 

Reading progress update: I've read 260 out of 416 pages.

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World - Stephen Brusatte

So far I've learned that the author has lots of famous friends, thinks he is the greatest and loves tyrannosaurs. Is there a report on dinosaurs anywhere in here? I want my money back!

Reading progress update: I've read 219 out of 416 pages.

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World - Stephen Brusatte

I plan on a push after Christmas to finish this by New Years. 

Abby in Wonderland

Abby in Wonderland - Sarah Mlynowski

This was a cute retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story. Kind of a fractured fairy tales for kids. I'm hoping this will please my granddaughter as it puts any girl of that age into the story. It's quite easy for them to imagine being Abby or one of her three friends. The addition of the clueless Alice was a cute touch. I especially liked that rivals Abby and Penny discovered one another. A classic gal pals (hopefully I can say that) story.

Abby in Wonderland

Abby in Wonderland - Sarah Mlynowski

This is a 3rd to 6th Grade book; Reading Level 4; just right, I believe, for my granddaughter, Zoe. I mean, who doesn't like Alice in Wonderland? I previously gave her Alice in Wonderland but never heard if she read it. Maybe this will spur her on to the original classic. After I read it first.

Jake the Fake Keeps it Real

Jake the Fake Keeps it Real - Craig Robinson, Keith Knight, Adam Mansbach

As I previously mentioned, I got this book for my grandson, Jake, a big fan of Timothy Failure books. I'm a big fan of Craig Robinson, so I figured, Why not? I think Jake the Fake is funnier than Timothy Bottom books which I found boring. This is a Middle School book! If you have a middle schooler, I recommend it for the comedy.

Jake the Fake Keeps it Real - Craig Robinson, Keith Knight, Adam Mansbach

I'm on page 46 of Jake the Fake Keeps It Real: I got this book for my grandson Jake because of the title and because it reminded me of one of his favorite books, the Timmy Failure series which he loves. But when I got home i noticed one of the authors names was Craig Robinson. I thought could this be the actor Crqig Robinson from The Office? He's one of my all time favorite actors. I found out now it is, it is! So I'm reading it before I send it to my Jake. So far, I find it a lot funnier than Timothy Failure.

Reading progress update: I've read 219 out of 416 pages.

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World - Stephen Brusatte

I've slowed way down due to the Author's obnoxious tone. He's so full of himself. May now not finish it before the end of November. Not a problem since I have no interest in the December pick for the club. Am engrossed in much better reads.

I'm still in the Flat Book Club

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World - Stephen Brusatte

Will read the November selection.

Enchanted April

The Enchanted April - Elizabeth von Arnim

Yeah, I know I said I would not post here anymore but I wanted you all to know I've kept at reading Elizabeth's stuff. How did I not know about this author before? I'm still trying to wrap my arms around the fact that for a couple of years anyway, her and I were alive at the same time.  


I recently finished Enchanted April (it's a novel of hers but it was easy to imagine her as a character in it.) No one hardly comments on reviews on Goodreads (I think they're all hung up on their own shit), so I thought to post it here where I recall there were some people who liked Elizabeth. 



MY review:

Okay this is undoubtedly my favorite read of 2018.
Now I can watch the movie!!!! YAY!
Ms von Arnim was probably the best writer of her day, bar none, as her works are just as readable today in 2018 as they were in the late 1890's. As I've tried to read the so called classics of the early 1900s, I've found the writing of most lacking . . . dated actually. 
Ms von Arnim is a marvelous character developer and produces characters the reader embraces. I loved every one of the characters in this book.
As my previous reads of her works were those in which she was the main character, I was surprised this was a novel and not necessarily based on her. Or was it? Truth be told I thought the character of Scrap bore a resemblance to the person I've come to know as Elizabeth.


PS: I did watch the movie the same night and found it pretty true to the book. All of the actors were well cast and they mirrored how I pictured them. Some things were changed slightly as the book is mainly switching heads to get their thoughts and I know that's hard to show on screen. Plus, I thought the scenery (So much a part of the book) was lacking. Frankly, I'm surprised Hollywood tackled this at all. It's fairly recent (2011) so I'm surprised they didn't try to update the plot with terrorists or super powers. Thankfully they left it in the 1920s. I recommend the book (first of course) and the movie.


Night Witches - Mirren Hogan

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave - Jennifer Donnelly

No longer putting reviews on Booklikes. Back to Goodreads.


A Munich Girl

The Munich Girl: A Novel of the Legacies that Outlast War - Phyllis Edgerly Ring

I entered a GiveAway for this novel, and although I did not win, was so intrigued by the synopsis that I bought it anyway. I'm very glad I did. I thought this was one amazing novel which, although it was Historical Fiction, read like non-fiction. Kudos to the author for that. 
While I am a student of the era (WWII - hey I can remember a lot about those days even though I was a toddler), I never really thought or knew anything about Eva Braun. All I knew was that she was Hitler's girlfriend. I never even knew that in the end they married. Today, most of what you read about Hitler and Eva Braun, is did they actually survive and escape to South America? I personally think that is gibberish but unfortunately, Russia did the world no favors with their actions involving their remains. 
Back to this story however, my main complaints are too much German language in the book and too much of a contrived ending involving the families. The book was over when the last of Eva's story became known but the author seemed to want to keep it going and came out with many outlandish details to keep us interested. Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.

A Solitary Summer

The Solitary Summer - Elizabeth von Arnim

What can I say, it's Elizabeth von Arnim, one of my favorite writers. Love her wriitng and this book was no exception.

Steer Clear of this!

Heaven Vs Reincarnation - Dharma Singh Khalsa
The one star is very generous. This is just a preachy book about Hinduism and is very repetitive. Poorly written and organized. I gave up around page 50 and just skimmed the remainder. I had already read everything he had to say. He just kept repeating it.


Done! On to something better.

Paris Echo - Sebastian Faulks

Okay, I'm not going over the premise as that's done in every review and shouldn't be. I really was disappointed in this read for several reasons. I thought the author was trying to impress the reader with his knowledge of French streets and train stops. The constant intro of new street names was numbing. I mean who cares? I thought many little'instances' were staged for the book and irrelevant to the story, like Tariq taking money back for someone in Algeria. That entire scene's purpose is never explained and seemed inserted to take up space. The entire story seemed contrived and meant to draw parallels between France's actions in WWII and their colonialism in Algeria. I was very disappointed in the ending. Others may enjoy this book, in the end I did not.

I liked the character, Tariq, and thought maybe the author should have told just his story and just forgotten about Hannah, who I thought a bore.